Group Rate.

When we have a group transporting to the same location, we have savings in our operational cost, it was our intention to share such savings with our customer; therefore we created our group rate.

The group rate consist of a 17% discount to the regular rate.

The following is required in order to qualify for a group rate.
1) Minimum of 6 children in the group.
2) Same pick-up and drop-off location.
3) All children must ride at the same time.

Important Note: any other service separate from the group will be charged extra.
If you wish your child to be dropped off at a different location on any given day, then your best option might be the regular rate.
Please keep in mind that the regular rate does constrain you to the the requirements of the group rate.

Due to the rduced rates, the 20% discount for sibling dooes not apply.
These rates do not apply for Summer.