Q. How many children can you transport?
A. Our vans can carry a maximum of eight children.
Q.What Areas do you service?
A. Although it is our intention to expand, currently we only provide service within the following cities: Foster City, San Mateo, Hillsborough and Belmont. 
Q.What assurances do I have that my child gets picked up on time?
A. We always strive for on-time performance but traffic flow and weather      conditions are factors out of our control, therefore, pick up/drop off time      estimates are +/- 15 minutes of scheduled time.
Q. Will the driver escort my child to and from the vehicle ? 
A.   By Law  and for the safety the children that might be on board,   the driver can not leave the vehicle unattended  from more than a few seconds or out of our sight; however, as long as the driver has visual contact with the vehicle, he/she can escort a child to the door of the drop off location, and /or half way to hand over to a receiving adult.
Q. Will my child be the first to be dropped off?
A.  The order in which each is picked-up and dropped-off depends     of time, location and number of children being transported.
Q. Will it be the same driver everyday?
A.  Yes, unless the driver is absent due to an unexpected circumstance.
Q. Do you provide Car seats or booster?
A. We only provide booster seat which can be requested through the registration form. Car seats must be provided by the parents.
Q. Are you flexible with changes to my schedule?
A. Yes we are; however, changes are subject to availability and must occur within the same week of service.
There is also a $25.00 rescheduling fee which is added to the next invoice.
All request for change must be sent to us via e-mail.

Q. Do you accommodate for early dismissal weeks due to parents teacher conference?
A. We make our best effort to accommodate; however, we due not guarantee availability due to the fact that such week may conflict with other customers schedules.
Since we do not receive communication from the schools, it is in your best interest, to notify us of the week in question with sufficient time in advance ( at least two weeks) so we can provide you with options, if we are not available, you would have enough time to make other arrangements.
All request for change must be sent to us via e-mail.

Q. If a time or day of pickup doesn't work for me any longer can I cancel and use the paid service in the future?.
A. You may cancel the pick up but can not use it as credit for future services . Our services are pre-paid and non-refundable, therefore, we do not provide credit, nor do we prorate the canceled service for future use.
Q. I have paid for a full months service and end up needing only the service for two weeks, will I be credited back for the non used weeks? 
A. No, our services are pre-paid and non-refundable.
However if we are notified in advance (prior to the issuance of the invoice), we will only charge for the weeks and/or days that will be used; therefore, it is extremely important that you are completely sure of what you want the schedule to be.

Q. If my child does not ride because he/she stayed home is sick, do i get a refund for that ride?
A. Sorry but if a child misses his/ her ride because he/she is stayed home sick we do not refund nor credit for such ride.
Q. How do you calculate my monthly rate.
A. The children attend school for 180 in the year. Based on the distance of service we establish a charge for the entire year and divide it into 11 equal monthly payments. Every month the payment is the same regardless of vacation breaks.

 Q. Can I use the weekly rate instead of the daily rate?
A. The weekly rate is only applied to a short term service (three weeks or less each month)
If the service you require exceeds three week within a month and continues for several months, then the rate to be applied is either the daily rate (for services 3 days and under each week), or the monthly rate for services, over three days each week.

Q. How do I make my payments? 
A.  After you filled out the online registration and we have come to an agreed schedule you will receive via e-mail an invoice to be paid through pay-pal, this invoice will include a non refundable yearly registration fee of $75.00 per child.
Q.  Does this mean I have to have a Pay-pal account?
A.  No, it is not necessary for you to have a Pay-pal account, when you receive
     the invoice, pay-pal will also send you the easy "step by step" process to
     follow in order to make the payment. 
Q.  Can I Pay by check?
A.  Yes you can, however the check must be in our possession by the due date.

Q.  When will I get my next invoice, and when am I supposed to pay it?
A.  We start issuing invoices on the 2nd week of each month, each invoice will have a specific due date which may be no less than 10 days of date of Issue.

Q.  What happens if I miss my due date?
A.  We add a late fee of $5.00 for each day the payment is late until payment is made.
Q.  What are your schedule hours ?
A. Our office hours are  Monday thru Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM.
Our operational hours are  Monday thru Friday, from 7 AM to 6PM
Q.  If I needed a pick-up or drop off after 6 pm, would you make an exception ?
A.  Yes, although after 6 pm we add a charge $6.00 for every 30 minutes (or fraction) as an "Extended hours fee".